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S&F vibrating screening machines (vibrating screens) are used in production for protective screening, monitoring screening, or grading screening of free-flowing, dry and granular bulk materials. With its compact construction, we have achieved a long and low-maintenance service life. The “AVS” series vibrating screens are available with screening areas of 0.3 to 4.0 m².

Vibrating screening machines by S&F

Areas of application

S&F vibrating screens are sieve screens which are used for control screening, for protective screening, for dust sifting, as well as for classifying grainy, dry bulk materials in the wood processing industry (pelletizing), the recycling industry, the chemical industry (fertilizer industry, plastics industry, automobile industry), in foundries, animal feed industry, glass industry, ceramic industry, mining, construction materials industry (non-metallic minerals industry, cement industry, concrete industry), as well as in other similar types of industries.

Function description of the vibrating screen

The material is fed evenly into the feed hopper of the screening machine with the aid of a dosing system, conveyor belt or the like. In the feed area, the material to be screened is spread out on its way to the screening area. Thanks to the two vibrating motors/unbalanced motors installed, a linear vibration is generated which ensures synchronised operation, and the material is fed continuously to the screening area. This ensures that the bulk material is conveyed consistently.

The loaded material is constantly in motion and flows in the direction of the discharge area. The material to be screened, which is smaller than the apertures in the screen elements, falls through. From there, it moves on to the next screening stage, if required. This procedure is repeated until the material has been completely screened. The screened material is then discharged through the corresponding discharge outlets.

Advantages of the S&F vibrating screening machines
  • Can be cleaned quickly
  • Low noise level
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very low maintenance, because there is nothing to lubricate
  • Can be integrated into existing systems
  • Maintenance-free, long-lasting anti-vibration mountings
  • Anti-vibration mountings with a high degree of insulation
  • Fast screen change
  • High reliability with low power consumption
  • Compact design
  • Good price / performance ratio
  • Any fraction can be selected
  • A variety of fractions in a single work step
  • Also available as dust-proof model
  • Additional screen cleaning equipment available, for instance bouncing ball cleaning system
Technical data

"AVS" Model vibrating screen overview

Screening area 0.3 - 3.0 m² (to 6.0 m² as a double-decker)
Screening capacity (material dependent) * up to 80 m³/h
Separation size * up to 50 mm (separated over-length material up to 150 mm)
Number of screening fractions * 2 - 4 (up to 3 screen decks)
Screen cloth Perforated plates // Wire mesh
Housing material S235JR (1.0037 // St 37)
Drive type Unbalance motors (directed vibrations)
Screen movement Vibrating (sinusoidal)
Drive output * 2 x 0,35 - 2 x 2,5 kW
Unbalance motor speed 1500 rpm
Screen applications Screening and sizing // Protective screening // Dedusting // Fine, medium and coarse screening // Over-length and oversize material screening
Properties of the screened material Granular // Bar-shaped // Grainy // Cylindrical and spherical // Powdery (in [fine] powder form)

Technical data

Technical Data vibrating screens AVS
Type Screening area [m²] Capacity [m³/h] Number fractions Drive Power [kW]
AVS-50 0,5 10-20* 2-3 2 x 0,65
AVS-100 1,0 20-40* 2-3 2 x 1,15
AVS-150 1,5 35-55* 2-3 2 x 1,6
AVS-200 2,0 40-70* 2-4 2 x 1,9
AVS-300 3,0 50-100* 2-4 2 x 2,2
AVS-400 4,0 80-150* 2-4 2 x 2,5

*Performance details dependent on: Screened material, Mesh aperture, Number of fractions, Moisture in material, Bulk weight, etc.

Material and industries

Below is a selection of materials that can be screened with our vibrating screening machines (vibrating screens):

timber industry

  • agglomerate
  • ash
  • bricks, crushed
  • broken glass
  • cable scrap
  • cardboard, shredded
  • coffee pads
  • commercial waste
  • cullet
  • DSD plastics
  • electronic waste
  • foundry waste
  • glass
  • household rubbish
  • iron filings
  • lightweight packaging, crushed
  • mono-waste
  • non-ferrous scrap
  • paper, shredded
  • plastic waste
  • plastic, crushed
  • plastic, granulated
  • PP-granulate
  • raw rubber waste
  • RDF fluff
  • recyclables
  • recyclates
  • refuse derived fuel (RDF), chopped
  • refuse derived fuel pellets
  • roof tiles, crushed
  • rubber granules
  • rubber mulch
  • rubber powder
  • rubber waste, chopped
  • rubber, pelleted
  • rubble, light
  • scrap metal
  • secondary fuels
  • secondary raw materials
  • shredder material
  • slag
  • steel shavings
  • tyres, shredded
  • used tyres
  • waste paper, shredded
  • waste slag

construction materials industry

  • basalt chippings
  • bauxite, broken
  • bentonite
  • building lime
  • building materials
  • cement
  • chalk, broken
  • chalky gravel
  • clay
  • clinker, broken
  • crushed sand
  • fine lime
  • foundry sand
  • gravel
  • grit
  • gypsum
  • gypsum pellets
  • lime, broken
  • limestone
  • limestone powder
  • limestone substratum
  • minerals
  • quartz
  • quartz dust
  • quartz sand
  • sand
  • substratum

animal feed industry

  • barley
  • beet pellets
  • bread
  • brusided grain
  • cereals
  • corn
  • crushed grain
  • dry draff
  • feed pellets / feed pellets
  • grain
  • grass cobs
  • hay cobs
  • malt
  • mash
  • oilseeds
  • old bread
  • rape
  • seeds
  • soy
  • spent grain
  • wheat

more materials

  • aluminium oxide
  • chemical fertiliser
  • clay granules
  • clinker
  • dung
  • fertilizer
  • foundry sand
  • granite crushed
  • granulated material
  • graphite
  • graphite flakes
  • graphite powder
  • iron ore
  • iron ore pellets
  • kaolin
  • kaolin talc
  • ore
  • pellets
  • plastic pellets
  • potash salt
  • powder coating material
  • PVC powder
  • rock salt
  • rubber flakes
  • scoria
  • slag sand
  • straw pellets
  • synthetic granules
  • wood pellet

Besides the bulk goods mentioned above, our vibrating screens are suitable for many other materials. We would be happy to perform a screening test on our vibrating screening machine.

Vibrating screening machines in use

You will find more videos of our creening machines on our YouTube Channel.

Vibrating screen type AVS-200-D

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