Vibrating hopper

S&F vibrating hoppers ensure a constant supply of material – for example to a screening machine. This produces the best possible screening results. S&F dosing systems are suitable for metering lightweight bulk materials. The “AVB” series of vibrating hoppers offer hopper volumes of 3 – 10 m³.

Vibrating hoppers by S&F

Areas of application

S&F vibrating hoppers are used, for example, in the timber industry (sawmills and sawmill industry, pellet industry, paper and pulp industry, biomass power stations, by manufacturers of wood fuels and producers of wood chips), in the recycling industry (waste wood preparation plants, waste wood operations, recycling operations, refuse derived fuel power plants and RDF plants, composting sites) as well as in other areas.

Function description

The S&F vibrating hopper and feed hopper series was developed for the dosing of bulk solid materials. The material is loaded into the feed hopper with the aid of a shovel loader, for example. The two vibro motors generate a linear vibration which ensures synchronous operation. The material spreads out horizontally and is fed consistently. The transfer of vibrations to the floor is blocked by top quality anti-vibration mountings.

This way, the screening machine or the conveyor belt next in line is constantly being charged, creating a buffering function for the conveying systems downstream.

Advantages of S&F vibrating hoppers
  • By using a vibration hopper, relatively small screening machines can be loaded with a shovel loader or the like
  • The flow of material is not interrupted down the process chain / handling (e.g. in the event that loading is clocked / not continuous: shovel loader, truck delivery, etc.).
  • Very low maintenance since no lubrication is needed
  • Easy to set-up/assemble
  • Material cannot get clogged since there are no impediments/bottlenecks in the hopper
  • Maintenance-free, long-lasting anti-vibration mountings
  • Anti-vibration mountings with a high degree of insulation
  • Maintenance-free drive unit
  • Gentle handling of the product
  • Highly reliable
  • Low maintenance and repair
  • Runs without shaking
  • Can be integrated in existing systems
  • Long service life
Technical data
  • Hopper volumes of up to 10 m³
  • Feed rate of 20 to 100 m³/h
  • Drive: Vibro motor
Optional equipment
  • Frequency converter for infinitely variable adjustment of the flow rate / dosage
  • Sub-structure
  • Base frame / transport platform
Material and industries

S&F vibrating hoppers (storage hoppers) are suitable for dosing lightweight piece goods and bulk goods, such as:

timber industry

  • bark mulch
  • bark wood chips
  • cap piece
  • chipped wood
  • chips of wood, shredded
  • green wood, shredded
  • hardwood, shredded
  • industrial wood off-cuts, crushed
  • pieces of wood
  • saw dust
  • saw mill by-product
  • saw mill off-cuts
  • saw mill waste, crushed
  • sliver of wood
  • smallwood, crushed
  • waste wood, crushed
  • wood chips
  • wood chips and sawdust mixture
  • wood leavings, reduced to small pieces
  • wood off-cuts, shredded
  • wood pellet
  • wood shavings
  • wood shavings / planing chips (animal bedding)
  • woodchip
  • woody biomass

recycling industry

  • cardboard, shredded
  • paper, shredded
  • plastic waste
  • plastic, crushed
  • plastic, granulated
  • PP-granulate
  • raw rubber waste
  • recycled wood, chopped
  • refuse derived fuel (RDF), chopped
  • refuse derived fuel pellets
  • rubber buffing dust
  • rubber granules
  • rubber mulch
  • rubber powder
  • rubber waste, chopped
  • rubber, pelleted
  • shredder material
  • timber, chopped
  • tyres, shredded
  • used tyres
  • waste paper, shredded
  • waste wood chips
  • waste wood shavings
  • waste wood, chopped
  • wood waste, chopped

more materials

  • aluminium parts
  • bagasse
  • biomass
  • charcoal briquettes
  • charcoal flour
  • clay granules
  • granulated material
  • linseed straw
  • miscanthus/silvergrass
  • pellets
  • plastic pellets
  • rubber flakes
  • synthetic granules
  • wood charcoal

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