Vibrating conveyors

S&F “AFR” type vibrating conveyors are suitable for the gentle conveyance of free- flowing bulk materials of almost any grain size. Due to their sturdy construction, a long and low-maintenance lifetime is achieved. The vibrating conveyors from the "AFR" series can be manufactured with chute widths of up to 1400 mm and a maximum length of 6 m.

The exact design of the conveyors is customized to meet the particular application and requirements of the customer.

Vibrating conveyors by S&F

Areas of application

S&F vibrating conveyors are used, for example, in the timber industry (sawmill industry, pellet industry, pulp industry), the recycling industry/ waste management (waste wood processing, RDF power stations), the chemical industry (fertilizer industry, plastics industry), the glass industry, the ceramic industry, the glass industry, in foundries, construction materials industry (non-metallic minerals industry, cement industry, concrete industry) and in heavy industry.

Function description

S&F vibrating conveyors (also: vibrating conveyor channels with unbalanced motor drive) are used for the transfer of free-flowing bulk materials from an upstream system. The material is transported gently and at a constant conveyor speed. The vibrators / vibration motors mounted on the side or base of the machine generate the linear vibration. The supplied material is constantly in motion and flows through the trough towards the discharge.

The conveyors are mounted on a substructure with the aid of anti-vibration mountings. The elastic support prevents transmission of the vibrations to the ground. The swinging movement aids in the separation of the material. Afterwards, the material is supplied to a downstream station, such as a screening machine. The design as a vibrating screening feeder is also possible.

Advantages of S&F vibrating conveyors
  • Maintenance-free, long-lasting anti-vibration mountings
  • Anti-vibration mountings with a high degree of insulation
  • Maintenance-free drive unit
  • Gentle handling of the product
  • Highly reliable
  • Low maintenance and repair
  • Runs without shaking
  • Compact construction
  • Can be integrated in existing systems
  • Long service life
  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • High reliability with low energy consumption
  • Highly flexible under changing conditions
  • Long conveying distances with series connection
Technical data
  • Drive: Vibro motor
  • Conveying capacity up to 100 m³/h
  • Trough widths of 200 to 1 400 mm
  • Trough lengths of up to 6000 mm
Optional equipment
  • Frequency converter for infinitely variable adjustment of the flow rate
  • Trapezoidal trough
  • Vibrating screening feeder model
  • Material inlet and outlet
  • Dust-proof design
  • Sub-structure
Material and industries

Vibrating conveyors are suitable for conveying and transporting many bulk goods. Below is a small excerpt of the materials.

timber industry

  • bark
  • bark mulch
  • bark wood chips
  • cap piece
  • cellulose dust
  • chipped wood
  • chips of wood, shredded
  • ESB fine grain
  • green wood, shredded
  • hardwood, shredded
  • industrial wood off-cuts, crushed
  • OSB fine grain
  • pellets
  • pieces of wood
  • pine wood shavings
  • saw dust
  • saw mill by-product
  • saw mill off-cuts
  • saw mill waste, crushed
  • sliver of wood
  • smallwood, crushed
  • softwood crushed
  • spruce wood pellets
  • swarf
  • waste wood, crushed
  • wood chips
  • wood chips and sawdust mixture
  • wood leavings, reduced to small pieces
  • wood off-cuts, shredded
  • wood pellet
  • wood shavings
  • wood shavings / planing chips (animal bedding)
  • wood swarf
  • woodchip
  • woody biomass

recycling industry

  • ash
  • broken glass
  • cable scrap
  • cardboard, shredded
  • cullet
  • demolition wood, chopped
  • DSD plastics
  • electronic waste
  • foundry waste
  • glass
  • iron filings
  • lightweight packaging, crushed
  • non-ferrous scrap
  • plastic waste
  • plastic, crushed
  • plastic, granulated
  • PP-granulate
  • raw rubber waste
  • RDF fluff
  • recycled wood, chopped
  • refuse derived fuel (RDF), chopped
  • refuse derived fuel pellets
  • roof tiles, crushed
  • rubber granules
  • rubber powder
  • rubber waste, chopped
  • rubber, pelleted
  • rubble, light
  • scrap metal
  • shredder material
  • slag
  • steel shavings
  • tyres, shredded
  • used tyres
  • waste slag
  • waste wood chips
  • waste wood shavings
  • waste wood, chopped
  • wood waste, chopped

construction materials industry

  • basalt chippings
  • basalt gravel
  • bauxite, broken
  • bentonite
  • building lime
  • building materials
  • cement
  • chalk, broken
  • chalky gravel
  • clay
  • crushed sand
  • earth
  • excavated soil
  • fine lime
  • foundry sand
  • gravel
  • grit
  • gypsum
  • gypsum pellets
  • lime, broken
  • limestone
  • limestone powder
  • limestone substratum
  • marble
  • minerals
  • quartz dust
  • quartz sand
  • sand
  • soil
  • substratum

more materials

  • aluminium oxide
  • bagasse
  • beet pellets
  • beet pulp
  • biomass
  • cereals
  • charcoal briquettes
  • charcoal flour
  • chemical fertiliser
  • clay granules
  • dung
  • feed pellets/feed pellets
  • foundry sand
  • grain
  • granulated material
  • graphite flakes
  • graphite powder
  • iron ore pellets
  • miscanthus / silvergrass
  • pellets
  • plastic pellets
  • powder coating material
  • PVC powder
  • rape
  • rubber flakes
  • scoria
  • slag sand
  • spent grain
  • straw pellets
  • synthetic granules

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