Trough belt conveyors

S&F trough belt conveyors are suitable for the handling of lumpy bulk materials and pieces without powdered ingredients, as well as lightweight fractions of all types.

Standard trough conveyor belts are manufactured with belt widths of 400 mm to 1200 mm and centre distances of up to 30 m. Optional accessories are available for our trough belt conveyors, such as covers, feed chutes and others.

Trough belt conveyors by S&F

Areas of application

Trough belt conveyors are used for the transfer of piece goods in sawmills, planing mills and other areas of the wood processing industry, environmental technology (recycling operations, waste wood plants), as well as in other industries.

Advantages of S&F trough belt conveyors
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Power reserves due to generous dimensioning of the drives
  • Maintenance-friendly  design
  • Can be used for almost any bulk material
  • Easy-to-service design
  • Few wearing parts
  • Customized solutions
  • Selection of models
Technical data
  • Belt width: 400 mm to 1200 mm
  • Centre distance: up to 30 m
  • Trough height: up to 500 mm
  • Belt speed: 0.05 – 1.0 m/s
  • Conveying capacity: up to 50 tons/h
  • Belt support: sliding
Optional equipment
  • Feed hopper
  • Reversible model
  • Mobile model
  • Trolleys with adjustable discharge height
  • V and H stabilizers
  • Covers
  • Discharge hoods
  • Side panels with seals
  • Permanent magnetic head roller as the drive drum
  • Drum motor
  • Stripping and cleaning systems
  • Control and safety devices
    • Speed monitoring
    • Misalignment monitoring
    • Material flow monitoring
    • Emergency trip wire
Material and industries

S&F trough belt conveyors (sliding belt conveyors) serve to convey/transport lightweight materials, such as:

timber industry

  • bark
  • bark wood chips
  • cap piece
  • chipped wood
  • chips of wood, shredded
  • green wood, shredded
  • hardwood, shredded
  • industrial wood off-cuts, crushed
  • pieces of wood
  • saw mill by-product
  • saw mill off-cuts
  • saw mill waste, crushed
  • sliver of wood
  • smallwood, crushed
  • softwood crushed
  • waste wood, crushed
  • wood billet
  • wood chips
  • wood chips from forest
  • wood leavings, reduced to small pieces
  • wood off-cuts, shredded
  • woodchip
  • woodchips
  • woody biomass

recycling industry

  • cardboard, shredded
  • demolition wood, chopped
  • DSD plastics
  • lightweight packaging, crushed
  • paper, shredded
  • plastic waste
  • plastic, crushed
  • PP-granulate
  • raw rubber waste
  • recyclates
  • recycled wood, chopped
  • refuse derived fuel (RDF), chopped
  • rubber waste, chopped
  • shredder material
  • timber, chopped
  • tyres, shredded
  • used tyres
  • waste paper, shredded
  • waste wood chips
  • waste wood, chopped
  • wood waste, chopped

more materials

  • bagasse
  • bamboo crushed
  • biomass
  • charcoal briquettes
  • garment bags
  • grass fibres
  • grass, chopped
  • hay
  • linseed straw
  • miscanthus / silvergrass
  • silage
  • straw

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