Star screening machines / disc screening machines

Star screens Type: AST / disc screens Type: ASC

S&F star and disc screens are suitable for screening damp material, such as compost, bark etc., as well as for rough pre-screening of other bulk materials.

Star Screening machines by S&F

Areas of application

S&F disc screens and star screens are used in the wood processing industry (sawmills, waste wood incineration plants, power stations, by manufacturers of wood fuels), in the recycling industry (waste wood processing plants, waste wood operations, recycling operations, RDF plants or refuse derived fuel plants, composting sites) as well as in many other industries.

Function description of the star screen

The S&F star and disc screens consist of numerous shafts aligned parallel and at the same distance to each other which are fitted with side-by-side rotating star or disc type wheelsThe screening stars or discs are arranged so that square or rectangular openings are produced. The shaft spacing determines the size of the respective openings.

The star and disk screening machines are fed by a dosing system or conveyor belt. The smaller fraction falls through between the stars, while the larger fraction is moved along further on the screening surface by the rotation of the shafts. The larger fraction is moved along the screening surface by the rotating shafts until it is thrown off at the end of the screen.

Star and disc screens can be used horizontally or at a slight incline. They are characterized by vibration-free operation and, due to the fact that they do not clog easily, they are suitable for grading damp and difficult to screen bulk solids as well as for screening out over-lengths.

Advantages of S&F star screening machines
  • Highest throughput rate for damp materials and low space requirements
  • Highly reliable
  • Low maintenance and repair
  • Sturdy construction
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Self-cleaning system thanks to plastic screening stars
  • Particle size can be changed by changing the speed of the screen deck
  • High degree of selectivity even when damp material is loaded
  • Service-friendly design
  • Any fraction can be selected
  • Special controls for individual adjustment of the screen deck speed
  • Screening results can be set by the stars or discs and speed control 
Technical data
Technical Data star screen (AST)
Type Screening width [mm] Capacity [m³/h] Drive Power [kW]
AST-600 600 30-60* According requirement or length of screen
AST-800 800 50-100*  
AST-1000 1000 80-160*  
AST-1200 1200 130-200*  
AST-1400 1400 180-250*  
AST-1600 1600 200-300*  

*Performance details dependent on: Screened material, Mesh aperture, Number of fractions, Moisture in material, Bulk weight, etc.

Star screens:

  • Particle size: 0 - 120 mm
  • Screen lengths of up to 8 m
  • Throughput rate of up to 400 m³/h

Disc screens:

  • Particle size: 0 - 300 mm
  • Screen lengths of up to 8 m
  • Throughput rate of up to 400 m³/h
Material and industries

S&F star screening machines (star screens) and disc screening machines (disc screens) are used for wet materials and the coarse pre-screening of the following bulk and piece goods.

timber industry

  • bark
  • bark mulch
  • cap piece
  • chips of wood, shredded
  • firewood
  • green waste, lop
  • green wood
  • hardwood, shredded
  • industrial wood off-cuts, crushed
  • pieces of wood
  • root wood
  • saw mill by-product
  • saw mill off-cuts
  • saw mill waste, crushed
  • smallwood, crushed
  • softwood crushed
  • tanning bark
  • waste wood, crushed
  • wood chips
  • wood chips from forest
  • wood leavings, reduced to small pieces
  • wood off-cuts, shredded
  • woodchip
  • woodchips

recycling industry

  • biowaste
  • bulky waste, crushed
  • commercial waste
  • compost
  • demolition wood, chopped
  • household rubbish
  • mono-waste
  • raw rubber waste
  • RDF fluff
  • recyclables
  • recyclates
  • recycled wood, chopped
  • refuse derived fuel (RDF), chopped
  • rubber waste, chopped
  • rubble, light
  • sheets
  • shredder material
  • street sweepings
  • timber, chopped
  • tyres, shredded
  • used tyres
  • waste
  • waste paper, shredded
  • waste wood, chopped
  • wood waste, chopped

more materials

  • beets
  • biomass
  • clay
  • clinker
  • earth
  • excavated soil
  • grass fibres
  • grass, chopped
  • humus
  • sand
  • scoria
  • soil
  • topsoil
  • turf

Besides the materials mentioned above, our star and disc screening machines are suitable for numerous other raw materials and applications.

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