Screening plants: screening technology for waste wood, woodchip, pellets and many more

We manufacture screening plants for diverse areas of use at our site in Germany. We have the right solution for a screening plant for your requirement. We have the years of experience and know-how that is required for the separation of the most diverse materials in a high quality and homogeneity for further processing, before the corresponding transportation takes place.

We offer the right screening machines for almost all areas of use and materials. Our screening machines are often used in a plant together with our dosing systems and belt conveyors.


Screening plants from S&F for diverse areas of use and materials

You will find a selection of screening plants for the most diverse areas of use that are already in operation below. You can enlarge the images by clicking on them.

Screening plants for woodchip

S&F screening machines ensure an efficient use and homogenous processing of woodchip (e.g. for a homogenous drying). The reliable sifting out of coarse materials, oversized materials, dust, etc. provides for a trouble-free and safe further processing.

Woodchip screening plant (ASM-1000)

A screening machine for woodchip that is integrated in a plant with a large feed hopper, a conveyor, a downstream crusher and a belt dryer.

Screening plant for woodchip (ASM-600)

The ASM-600 screening plant for the screening of woodchip. Feeding is by means of a wide MFB-2000 belt conveyor (2000 mm wide, 6000 mm long). The wide belt conveyor enables trucks with a push floor for example, to discharge loads direct onto the screening machine.

Screening plant for waste wood

Various qualities can be screened using our waste wood screening plant. The homogenisation provides for a trouble-free further processing, e.g. a secondary crushing and a high added value when reselling.

Waste wood screening plant (ASM-1000)

A screening plant for the screening of waste wood with a downstream optical sorting.

Screening plant for crushed waste wood (ASM-800)

This screening machine is direct downstream from a crusher. Should other material (that is not “driven” over the crusher) be screened, this can be carried out via the push floor hopper (bypass).

Waste wood screening plant (ASM-400)

A screening plant for the screening of crushed waste wood, mounted on a hooked frame. The plant also includes a crusher and two MFB-500/6 and MFB-500/10 troughed belt conveyors.

Screening plant for pellets

Our oscillating screen machines provide for a reliable sifting of pellets that are excessively long. This prevents malfunctions occurring along the conveying line as a result of excessively long pellets. Protective screening can also be carried out in order to prevent destruction (broken out parts, stones, etc. are sifted out during the protective screening). The pellets are obviously also dedusted in the same operation.

Loading plant for pellets (ASM-300-D)

A screening plant for the loading and dedusting of pellets in tanker vehicles.

Capacity: approx. 60 t/h

Pellets screening plant (ASM-200)

A screening machine in a plant for the screening of pellets.

A screening machine in a plant for the screening of pellets

Screening plant for recycling materials

Our protective screen for a reliable prevention of the obstructing or blocking of conveying lines or rotary feeders, e.g. with refuse-derived fuels, before the material is combusted.

Siebanlage für Gummi-Raumehl

ASM-800 screening plant for use in the recycling industry

A plant with ASM-800 screening machine for the screening of recycling materials

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