Screening machines: Screening technology for numerous tasks

Our solution: reliable and robust screening machines to meet your requirements

S&F screening machines are in use worldwide for numerous different process engineering tasks. Our oscillating screens and gyratory screens, vibrating screens and star screens provide the ideal screening technology for your individual task. S&F screening plants offer straightforward handling, reliability and low maintenance. Thanks to our specialised service personnel and seamless spare parts delivery from stock, screening machines by S&F are designed to do one thing above all else: withstand the test of time.

Screening machines: Oscillating screening machine by S&F

Screening machines for numerous processing tasks

Screening is a widely used mechanical classification method and separates the feed material into different size classes (fractions). S&F screening technology provides powerful and clean screening and separation of different bulk materials such as wood chips, sawdust, wood pellets and alternative fuels.

Screening machines are used for the following applications and tasks:

  • Screening and separating
  • Classification and sorting
  • Protective screening
  • Ultra-fine, fine, medium and coarse-grain screening
  • De-dusting
  • Over-length and oversize material screening
  • Check screening

There are many reasons to use our screening technology: It guarantees a uniform, homogeneous raw material that is easier to process thanks to its defined grain size. It can also help boost sales revenues. The removal of unwanted materials increases the fail-safe performance of downstream machines and plant components and delivers many other process advantages.

See below for an overview of our separation and screening technology.

Oscillating screen type ASM

oscillating screens by S&F GmbH

S&F oscillating screens or gyratory screens are used in the wood processing industry (sawmills, pelletising plants) as well as in numerous other industries (recycling and waste disposal, environmental technology). They are suitable for separating lighter wet and dry recyclables and raw materials (wood chips, wood shavings, wood pellets, waste wood).

The horizontal circular movement of the sieve box mounted at an angle conserves the material but guarantees high separation precision. The advantage of the oscillating screen is that long and fibrous particles slide diagonally to tangentially over the screening surface. In contrast to riddles, this does not create any trapped and clogged material.

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Vibrating screen type AVS

vibrating screens by S&F GmbH

S&F vibrating screens can be found in a variety of sectors such as the recycling industry (alternative fuels) and other areas (construction materials industry).

The linear vibratory movement guarantees synchronous running of the machine and uniform screening of the bulk material. The pre-set vibration amplitude of the screening machine controls and optimises the screening result.

The type AVS screening machine is robust, reliable and suitable for the classification of granular bulk materials (quartz sand, granulate).

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Star screen type AVS / disc screen type ASC

star screens by S&F GmbH

Star screens are used primarily in the wood processing industry and in the recycling sector.

Star screens are suitable for screening damp, fibrous raw materials such as bark or green clippings. Disc screens are used for screening hot materials or for rough pre-screening.

S&F star and disc screens consist of multiple shafts aligned parallel and at the same distance to each other. They are fitted with side-by-side rotating star or disc type wheels. Their robust construction and high throughput rates with low space requirements make them extremely efficient in use.

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Advantages of our screening machines
  • High screening performance; together, we will find the right screen in our extensive product range to meet your processing needs.
  • Exceptionally efficient; thanks to the use of suitable screening systems with high separation precision, even in confined spaces.
  • User-friendly; thanks to the simple, mechanical layout of our screening machines.
  • Flexible in use; adjustable machine parameters allow you to set the screening result in accordance with different material properties.
  • Minimum noise and low maintenance; thanks to the low number of wear parts and the use of high-quality components and materials.
  • Easy to maintain and repair; thanks to ease of access to bearing points and the low proportion of wear parts.
  • High reliability with low power consumption; thanks to the use of energy-saving, high-efficiency motors.
  • Custom fabrication; thanks to order-based production of the screening machine to your specifications.
  • Can be integrated in existing plant systems; thanks to its compact design and custom configuration options.
  • Specialised service personnel: Our employees are highly qualified and have many years of experience in screening technology.
  • Delivery of spare parts from stock: We keep all important and common spare parts for our screening machines in stock – for decades.
Material examples and industries

timber industry

  • bark
  • bark mulch
  • cap piece
  • chipped wood
  • green waste, lop
  • lignin
  • pellets
  • pulp
  • root wood
  • saw dust
  • saw mill by-product
  • saw mill off-cuts
  • saw mill waste, crushed
  • smoked chips, smoked shavings
  • waste wood, crushed
  • wood chips
  • wood pellet
  • wood shavings
  • planing chips
  • woodchip

recycling industry

  • waste wood, chopped
  • waste wood chips
  • waste wood shavings
  • waste paper, shredded
  • rubble, light
  • biowaste
  • cullet
  • roof tiles, crushed
  • DSD plastics
  • electronic waste
  • refuse derived fuel (RDF), chopped
  • sheets
  • rubber waste, chopped
  • cable scrap
  • compost
  • plastic, granulated
  • non-ferrous scrap
  • tyres, shredded
  • bulky waste, crushed
  • street sweepings

more materials

  • bagasse
  • beets
  • biomass
  • chemical fertiliser
  • clay granules
  • earth
  • excavated soil
  • granulated material
  • graphite powder
  • humus
  • lavender
  • miscanthus
  • plastic pellets
  • rubber flakes
  • sage
  • sand
  • seasoning herb
  • synthetic granules
  • topsoil
  • turf

We would be happy to perform relevant screening tests for your particular application at our test facilities.

Service and spare parts for screening machines

Our comprehensive S&F service team ensure that our screening plants are correctly installed and commissioned. In this way, we ensure that you will enjoy the full functionality of our machines without restrictions.

Regular inspections and maintenance promote operational safety while increasing the availability and protecting the value of your screening machine. Our service team is happy to provide you with an individually tailored maintenance concept on request.

We keep an extensive range of spare and wear parts for screening machines in stock, including:

  • Vibrating elements and universal joints
  • Strainers (perforated plates, wire gauze)
  • Compensators (collars)
  • Screen cleaning balls and rubber balls for screen cleaning
  • Spare parts and special bearings (ball bearing plates with ball bearings and ball bearing plate holders) for the following BEZNER roll screens
    • Type TW and TWK II
    • Type TWd and TWd-S
    • Type TWU and TWA

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