Oscillating conveyors

S&F “AVR” type oscillating conveyors are suitable for the horizontal transport/feeding of bulk materials and pieces. They are used for loading chippers or as a discharge unit. Thanks to the rugged eccentric shaft drive unit and the durable construction, a long service life with low maintenance requirements is achieved. The “AVR” oscillating conveyor series can be manufactured with a chute width of up to 1500 mm and a maximum length of 25 m.

Oscillating conveyors by S&F

Areas of application

Our oscillating conveyors are suitable for a variety of uses, such as in the timber industry (sawmill industry / sawmills, planing mills, pulp industry, pellet industry, wood material industry, biomass power stations), in the waste management/ recycling industry (waste wood recycling plants, refuse derived fuel power stations, RDF plants / refuse derived fuel plants), in parts of the construction materials industry and in many other areas.

Function description

The S&F oscillating conveyor (also: vibrating conveyor channel with eccentric drive) is used for instance to transport wooden scraps coming from an upstream system. The material is transported gently and at a constant conveyor speed. The supplied material is constantly in motion and flows through the trough towards the discharge. Afterwards, the material is supplied to a downstream station, such as a chipper.

The AVR type oscillating conveyor can also be equipped optionally with screening zones.

Advantages of S&F oscillating conveyors
  • Solid construction
  • Maintenance-free, long-lasting anti-vibration mountings
  • Rugged drive unit with maintenance-free, anti-vibration mountings
  • Gentle product handling
  • Easy to service and repair
  • Can be integrated into existing systems
  • Long service life
  • High reliability with low energy consumption
  • Highly flexible under changing conditions
Technical data
  • Drive: Rugged eccentric shaft
  • Conveying capacity of 20 to 150 m³/h
  • Trough widths of 400 to 1500 mm
  • Trough lengths of up to 25,000 mm
  • Motor capacity of up to 15 kW
Optional equipment
  • Trapezoidal trough
  • Screening zone
  • Material inlet and outlet
  • Dust-proof design
  • Metal-free zone
  • Metal sensor, metal detector
Material and industries

S&F oscillating conveyors are suitable for conveying / transporting piece goods and bulk goods, such as:

timber industry

  • bark
  • bark mulch
  • bark wood chips
  • cap piece
  • chipped wood
  • chips of wood, shredded
  • ESB fine grain
  • green wood, shredded
  • hardwood, shredded
  • industrial wood off-cuts, crushed
  • OSB fine grain
  • pieces of wood
  • pine wood shavings
  • saw dust
  • saw mill by-product
  • saw mill off-cuts
  • saw mill waste, crushed
  • sawdust
  • sliver of wood
  • smallwood, crushed
  • softwood crushed
  • waste wood, crushed
  • wood billet
  • wood chips
  • wood chips and sawdust mixture
  • wood chips from forest
  • wood leavings, reduced to small pieces
  • wood off-cuts, shredded
  • wood shavings
  • wood shavings / planing chips (animal bedding)
  • woodchip
  • woodchips
  • woody biomass

recycling industry

  • ash
  • cable scrap
  • cardboard, shredded
  • commercial waste
  • cullet
  • demolition wood, chopped
  • DSD plastics
  • electronic waste
  • foundry waste
  • iron filings
  • lightweight packaging, crushed
  • non-ferrous scrap
  • paper, shredded
  • plastic waste
  • plastic, crushed
  • raw rubber waste
  • RDF fluff
  • recycled wood, chopped
  • refuse derived fuel (RDF), chopped
  • rubber buffing dust
  • rubber mulch
  • rubber waste, chopped
  • rubble, light
  • scrap metal
  • shredder material
  • timber, chopped
  • tyres, shredded
  • used tyres
  • waste
  • waste paper, shredded
  • waste slag
  • waste wood chips
  • waste wood shavings
  • waste wood, chopped

more materials

  • bagasse
  • biomass
  • charcoal flour
  • clinker
  • foundry sand
  • gypsum
  • lime, broken
  • miscanthus / silvergrass
  • quartz sand
  • rubber flakes
  • scoria
  • slag sand
  • straw
  • wood charcoal
Oscillating conveyors in use

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