S&F screening machine type ASM-300 swings into action for the 111th time!

by Robert Amann

S&F screening machine type ASS-300

This week we’ll be delivering our best-selling oscillating screen for the 111th time. “The ASM-300 model is our top seller,” says CEO Robert Amann with delight referring to the “magical number of sales.” No wonder, since thanks to its cutting edge oscillation technology, the versatile machine can be used to sort a host of different materials. Machines nos.111 and 112 will be put to use in a factory that produces wood pellets. The dust generated by the pelleting press during production is screened out directly. This ensures a higher quality standard during the manufacture of the pellets used in heating systems. The S&F ASM-300 type screening equipment is used primarily for sorting waste products in production plants and in the recycling industry. The finest screening results are achieved thanks to the vibration-free and smooth oscillations.

The ASM-300 model is used for a wide variety of materials:

  • Residue from pellet production in the wood and animal feed industry
  • Wood products, such as wood chips, sawdust, wood shavings according to different sizes
  • Wood waste, such as wood dust, pulverized coal, or scrap wood
  • Alternative fuels, such as RDF, DSD or lightweight packaging
  • Wastes from fruit pressing plants, such as grape or apple pomace for edible oil production
  • Plastic granules and plastic waste
  • Electrical scrap / rubber recycling (e.g. shredded tires)
  • Recycling of coffee pads
  • Paper waste
  • Miscanthus
  • and much more

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