S&F screening machine ready to operate Russia

by Robert Amann

Screening machine for lignin

The screening machine delivered in spring to screen lignin is almost ready to operate in Russia. This machine processes hydrolytic lignin from the stockpile to produce pellets for use in industry. Our partner Alligno supplies all the technology necessary, from lignin mining equipment to equipment for loading the finished pellets.

Our screening machine (model ASM-800) was manufactured at our location in Southern Germany according to the individual requirements of our customer. With a total screening surface area of 24 m2, central lubrication system, "flameless valves", and pressure-resistant compensators, the dust-free design is in continuous operation (24 hours / 7 days a week). Click here for further details on the oscillating screening machine delivered.

At the large-scale facility, 30 meter high storage silos with a diameter of 20 meters were built as well as production halls for belt conveyors, cleaning equipment, classifiers, presses, etc. After commissioning, the facility produces approximately 22 tons of lignin pellets per hour.

We would like to thank our client Alligno for the fruitful cooperation and look forward to additional projects.

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