S&F GmbH: 25 years of innovative screening technology solutions.

by Robert Amann

This year, our company shall be celebrating its silver anniversary and we have successfully established ourselves in the market as a specialist in the separation of materials field. We have been offering innovative screening, separating, dosing and conveying solutions for many areas of use and materials since 1990.

The latest areas of use for our screening plant are:

Screening machines for smoking woodchips

The production of smoking woodchips of the best quality necessitate high production standards. For example, our ASM screening machines or woodchip screen with four fractions (>15.5 mm / 15.5-7.5 mm / 7.4-4.0 mm / < 4.0 mm) for example, provide for an extremely precise and defined screening. Our screening technology therefore guarantees a creation of smoking woodchips of the highest quality. The circular motion of the screen that ensure a gentle handling of the product, prevents the material that is being screened from lifting. This ensures that there is no trapping and clogging of the material. The outlet positions and the colour are provided according to the wishes of the customer.

We have recently delivered a number of screening machines for smoking woodchips to Poland.

Screening machine type ASS for the screening of smoking woodchips

Dosing plants for aluminium discs

We have developed numerous small dosing plants for the manufacturing of beverage cans for customers in Asia and the USA. These feed hoppers ensure an efficient feeding of materials and are used for the dosing and feeding of aluminium discs.

Vibrating hopper for the dosing of circular aluminium blanks

Vibrating conveyor with a magnetic cylinder for the charging of a knife ring flaker

Knife ring flakers are used when manufacturing high quality wood chips for chipboard. Our S&F vibrating conveyors provide for a uniform feeding of coarse crushed chips across the entire width, thereby ensuring an efficient production of high quality chipboard. Fe-metals are ejected in the same operation, in order to prevent damage being caused to the knife ring flaker.

Vibrating conveyor with a magnetic cylinder for a knife ring flaker

We have been supplying reliable screening and conveying technology solutions on a global scale for the past 25 years. We would obviously be pleased to provide further information under the telephone number +49 751-7692436-0 or contact us by e-mail.

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