S&F anniversary "Machine No. 500": Oscillating screen sorts wood chips for use on children's playgrounds

by Michael Amann

Annyversary Screening Machine No. 500

Top quality and reliably – that is the requirement that our customer, Öcocolor GmbH, placed upon the new screening equipment. Ultimately, the machine will be used to screen premium wood chips that will be used as soft landing area on children's playgrounds. It's no wonder that the latest S&F screening and conveying technology is used here. The Type ASM-600 oscillating or woodchip screen is the 500th machine that S&F has planned, manufactured and supplied. It ideally meets all expectations.

In addition to extremely fine sawdust, bothersome oversize grain and excessively long wood chips are also screened out by this machine. The middle fraction supplies our customer with the desired "good material" in the form of premium wood chips. We are proud to have reached a new milestone in our company's history with "Machine No. 500".

Key data:

  • 6 m² screening area
  • 3 fractions
  • Approx. 80 m³/h throughput

Circular screen movement provides the decisive advantage

The flat alignment of the material almost completely prevents the build-up or fall-through of long, thin materials.

Sophisticated overall solution

Following the screening machine, the material is transported for further processing by the belt conveyors. In order to further improve quality, FE metals are removed from the wood chips by an overbelt magnetic separator.

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