Five new S&F vibrating screens processing over 600 m³ of pellets per hour.

by Robert Amann

Vibrating screens for de-dusting large quantities of pellets

We recently delivered five vibrating screens to our customers for de-dusting pellets and screening unwanted material. The model AVS-200-D screening machines, each with a capacity of 80 t/h, can process over 600 m³ of pellets in one hour when operated together. The vibrating screens are used to load pellets in trucks, trains, or ships, for example. Each machine has over 4 m² of screening area for de-dusting and about 0.7 m² for unwanted material.

Any unwanted material screened out, for example impurities like work gloves, chunks of wood, rough stones, broken parts from the machine, etc., are separated out in the feed area.

Smooth operation due to high quality anti-vibration mounts

High quality anti-vibration mounts ensure the vibrating screening machines run extremely smoothly. This enables them to be used in high buildings, silos, and steel structures as well, for example.

Thanks to the optimal choice of motor size, a frequency converter is not required for operation. In addition, the lack of damage-prone wear parts such as bearings, V-belts, etc., ensures long-term, low maintenance operation.

Due to its gentle screening action, the machines can also be used to screen materials like feed pellets, grass cobs, etc.

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