Name change for oscillating screen: ASS becomes ASM

by Robert Amann

Our oscillating screen from the “ASS” series is being renamed. The new designation “ASM” replaces the previous name. One reason for the change is the fact that the product has been improved. Read on to discover the areas in which the product has changed.

Oscillating screen: ASS becomes the ASM model series.

The background to this change of name includes product innovations and the need to harmonise the designation for the international market. With the new name, we hope to achieve better communication with our customers around the world.

Improved endurance of the screening machine.

The name change represents numerous improvements to the product. All products with screening areas of up to 3 m² are now equipped with a self-adjusting pivoting motor base. Advantages of the pivoting motor base include an extended service life of the V-belt, lower maintenance costs and reduced energy consumption. In addition, the service life of the V-belt is twice as long.

“These innovations have made our oscillating screen even better. We owe this to the trusting and collaborative partnerships with our customers.”

Managing Director Robert Amann.

Furthermore, our screening machines of 6 m² in size now use a more robust bearing. “In particular, it guarantees lower maintenance costs for machines in continuous operation”, explains Managing Director Robert Amann and continues: “All of these improvements can be attributed to the close and trusting relations with our customers.”

Reliable and durable in use for 25 years.

S&F GmbH developed the first oscillating screen in 1991. The screening machine became firmly established in the market and is a top seller at S&F GmbH to this day. Its primary areas of application are the wood processing industry and the recycling sector. The vibrating screening machine reliably and gently sieves and sorts a wide variety of raw and waste materials such as wood chips, pellets, sawdust, chopped waste wood as well as other materials.

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