Conveying systems for various purposes

by Michael Amann

In addition to the recognised screening machines, S&F GmbH supplied continuous handling equipment to customers from a wide range of industries at the end of last year, too. It was in this manner that a notable manufacturer of technical glass beads optimised its production.

A Bavarian specialist for recycling solutions enhanced an existing processing system for crushed commercial waste by customer order.

Oscillating conveyors for cooling broken glass

Glass beads are used in many sectors. For example, as valve balls in the chemical industry, and in pharmaceutical products for reasons of hygiene. In this case the customer sought a reliable solution for the in-house transport of its raw materials and ordered the necessary oscillating conveyors for various applications. An oscillating conveyor decked in rubber for gentle material transport and for noise reduction. An additional oscillating conveyor is in use as a cooling tunnel. It is equipped with a vent plate and vent openings for cooling the broken glass.

Oscillating conveyor AVR-1000/3.5
Oscillating conveyor AVR-1000/3.5

Oscillating conveyor technical data:

Model AVR-1000/3,5
Application Cooling broken glass
Conveyed goods Broken glass
Bulk weight approx. 800 kg/m³
Channel width 1,000 mm
Channel length 3,500 mm
Output approx. 2 m³/h
Connected load 4,0 kW, 230/400 V, 50 Hz
Coating RAL 7036 platinum grey
Weight 1,350 kg

Vibrating conveyor reliably doses various bulk materials

Conveying, dosing and distributing various bulk materials is the job of a vibrating conveyor. Vibrating conveyors are unremarkable, but indispensable for the process. In the case of the Bavarian system builder and specialist for recycling solutions, this is how you load a downstream sorting unit evenly and constantly. Through the isolated placement of the input feed material, improved separation results of the various output flows are achieved.

Vibrating conveyor AFR-1200/3.9
Vibrating conveyor AFR-1200/3.9

Vibrating conveyor technical data:

Model AFR-1200/3.9
Application Sorting unit loading
Conveyed goods Crushed bulky waste
Bulk weight approx. 200 kg/m³
Channel width 1,200 mm
Channel length 4,000 mm
Output 70 m³/h
Connected load 2 x 2.2 kW, 230/400 V, 50 Hz
Coating RAL 7032 pebble grey
Weight 1,400 kg

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