Dosing systems

S&F dosing systems ensure the constant supply of material. Our dosing systems have been developed for metering of a variety of bulk materials, such as wood, plastic, latex filling, chips, pellets, plastics, paper, and much more. With our vibrating hoppers, we make it possible to achieve the best possible screening results while maintaining a high level of operational reliability. 

Dosing plants: Vibrating hopper by S&F

Our dosing systems are also used for loading and removing dust from pellets. The pellets are fed through a dosing container of a screening machine. This ensures a minimum of dust content in the pellets. The pellets are then loaded by a conveyor belt into the tank car and the dust is caught separately.

  • Vibrating hoppers
  • Rubber belt box feeder
Vibrating hopper S&F

S&F vibrating hoppers ensure a constant supply of material – to a screening machine, for instance. This way, the best possible screening results are achieved. Vibrating hoppers are suitable for dosing lightweight bulk solids. The “AVB” series vibrating hoppers offer hopper volumes of 3 – 10 m³.

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Vibrating hopper

S&F rubber belt box feeders are used for receiving, buffering and feeding all kinds of bulk materials, thereby ensuring consistent dosage of the material. The standard rubber belt box feeder series "ABB" is produced in belt widths of up to 2000 mm and centre distances of up to 12 m. Depending on the particular application, they offer feed box volumes of up to 20 m³.

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