About us

S&F GmbH company headquarters in Grünkraut/Gullen near Ravensburg
S&F GmbH company headquarters in Grünkraut/Gullen near Ravensburg

Ever since the company was founded in June 1990 as “Franz Amann Siebmaschinen & Fördertechnik,” customers from various manufacturing industries, such as brickyards and saw mills, have been working successfully with our screening machines, conveyors and recycling machines.

Although in the early stages the business concentrated on refurbishing used conveyors, woodworking machines and screening machines, as early as May 1991 we already had produced the first S&F screening machine with up to one square metre of screening surface area. Just two years later, in 1993, we were able to gain additional market shares with a screening surface of up to 3 square metres. And by 1994 it was up to 6 square metres.

1995: “Franz Amann Siebmaschinen & Fördertechnik“ expanded its product range to include new machines for use in the timber industry – for instance for wood chips and wood waste, and brickyards, right though to screening machines for DSD (recycling material / recycling industry). Not long afterwards, we were able to supply machines with up to 12 square metres – as “double-deckers,” meaning 24 square metres of screening surface area.
In January 1997, the company was reorganised into “S&F GmbH Siebmaschinen und Fördertechnik.”
In 2002, we recognised modern needs and constructed a screening machine for the pellet industry which became very popular. At the same time, we expanded our product line with disc screening machines and star screening machines for waste wood, bark, topsoil, firewood, etc.

Imaginative and user-orientated, we strove onwards:

  • 2006: Screening machines for RDF (refuse derived fuel)
  • 2007: Product range expanded by dosing and supply systems operating on a vibration basis
  • 2007: Product range expanded by vibrating screens, for instance, for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • 2008: Product range expanded by heavy-duty / rugged vibrating screens for building rubble, the stone industry, etc.

The development and continuous improvement of the screening machines, screening equipment, and conveyors has enabled us to provide sophisticated and proven solutions – for all sectors of industry where materials have to be classified or conveyed. Whether it’s the bouncing ball system we use in our screening equipment or the maintenance-free and long-lasting anti-vibration mountings in the screening machine and conveyor trough – our screening equipment is designed to withstand three-shift operation. All of the screening machines and conveyor belts we manufacture are low-maintenance. Our renowned know-how and flexibility allows our team to produce customised solutions on the spot. Naturally, this also includes a specialised service team and an ex-stock replacement part service.

Our success proved us right, and on 1 April 2008 we were able to lay the foundation stone of a new company building in Grünkraut-Gullen – as an investment in the future. The building houses a test machine for each machine type for trial runs. In May 2008, Dipl.-Ingenieur Robert Amann joined the company as Joint Managing Director, thus completing a smooth transition to the next generation. The move to the new building took place on March 1, 2009.