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S&F GmbH: Manufacturer of premium screening plants and conveying technology

We globally supply screening machines and conveying plants, which are customized to meet the specific requirements of various industries and customers. Our specialist area is the planning and production of machines for material separation. We assist our clients in finding solutions for a variety tasks such as screening, sorting and classification of various materials (e.g. wood chips, pellets, wood shavings), dosing in the wood and recycling sectors as well as the material transportation of packaged and bulk goods.

Proven and reliable screening technology in use all over the world since 1990

oscillating screen type ASM

As a screening machine manufacturer, we boast long-standing experience in the field of sorting and screening technology. A screening machine is used to achieve a defined top-quality end product. We offer a suitable screening solution for various applications in the field of screening and bulk goods preparation (protective screening, classification, de-dusting).

S&F oscillating screens offer a high level of screening capacity for the wide-ranging fields of application in the wood preparation industry. They are suitable for wet and dry screening. Vibrating screens represent an economic and inexpensive solution in the field of protective screening and are primarily intended for use with grainy raw materials. Star screens and disc screens convince thanks to their high level of material throughput and are suitable for the preliminary screening of excess sizes of chipped waste wood. S&F screening technology can be used in various sectors and for many applications in the field of preparation.

Efficient solutions for screening, dosing and conveying of the most diverse of materials

In addition to the manufacture of screening machines, we also offer sophisticated dosing and conveying technology for the supply and discharge of packaged and bulk goods.

Dosing systems guarantee a constantly high level of material supply when dealing with various materials. Whether as a storage system on a screening plant in order to supply a small screening machine or as a feeding hopper for the acceptance and discharge of larger material volumes for downstream discharge systems. This creates a high level of plant operational safety as the material flow is not interrupted. This is a prerequisite for the best screening results.

S&F conveying technology is suitable for use on our screening plants as a discharge system and for the acceptance of packaged and bulk goods from upstream plant components. Other areas of application besides conveying / transportation include distribution and bunker discharge. Bulk goods conveyors gently transport the product and generate low operating costs.

Our screening plants, dosing systems and conveying plants are used all over the world. The excellent separation precision of the screening machines, the low-maintenance operation as well as the constant further development of our machines has been convincing our customers for over 25 years.

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Screening machines

S&F screening machines for your individual requirements. We achieve excellent screening results thanks to the high separation precision. Our screening plants are maintenance-friendly and future-proof.


Dosing systems

S&F dosing systems ensure a reliable and constant material supply, for example on a screening machine. Dosing systems are suitable for many raw and residual materials.


Conveying plants

S&F conveying technology is robust and transports almost all packaged and bulk goods. For instance, they can be used as a discharge system on a screening machine as well as for many further process steps.