Star screen machines / Disk screen machines

The S&F star and disk screening machines are suitable for screening damp material such as compost, bark etc., as well as rough pre-screening of other bulk solid materials.

Technical description:
Stars or disks rotate in S&F star and disk screening machines; this conveys the material being screened. First during the process, the smaller fractions fall through while the larger fractions move on further. The screening takes place continuously or step by step. Depending on requirements, different stages of material screening can be used.


  • Highest through-put rate for damp materials and small space requirements
  • Highest reliability
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Robust construction
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Screen stars in plastic, thanks to the flexibility ”self-cleaning“


  • Various fractions can be selected
  • Special control for individual setting of the screen deck speed
  • Screening result can be set through the stars or disks

Saw mills, old wood works, recycling operations, compost sites, etc.

Materials to be screened:
S&F star screen machines screen compost, loppings and prunings, shredded wood, old wood, sand and soil, etc.

S&F disk screen machines screen old wood, bark, compost, firewood, scrap wood, rubble, glass, etc. They are ideal for over length separation.